Using Inclusive Stock Photos in Marketing Campaigns

There are more than enough stock images out there to use in your marketing campaigns, but trying to find inclusive stock photos can be more challenging. However, there is a wide range of diverse stock photography out there, if you know where to look. Making the effort to incorporate inclusive stock photos into your marketing campaigns is a worthwhile endeavor that both your business and customers will benefit from.

What You Need To Know About Buying A Car In A Pandemic

Jeremy Harrison needs a new car. But during the coronavirus outbreak, he can't just head over to a dealership for a test drive. It turns out there's a thing or two you need to know about buying a car in a pandemic. "The experience was totally new to me," says Harrison, who runs an online business in Toronto. That's the first thing to know: It's almost all virtual now. Harrison contacted his local Hyundai dealership. A salesman FaceTimed him back. "He answered all my questions about the vehicl

How to Set SEO Goals for Your Team (That Actually Drive Action) | Blog

SEO spending is predicted to hit $80 billion this year. Your team might be contributing to that in some form. You’ve got an SEO strategy, you’re paying for tools, you’re employing specialists, hiring freelancers or an agency, etc.. With such big spending and time investment, how do you know you’re seeing a meaningful return? We asked 50+ experts to share how their team sets SEO goals they actually meet––those that really move the needle for their business. Their tips include: • But don’t be a

Is Blockchain The Future of Telecom?

The future is blockchain for telecommunication companies and any other sector. To understand why and how the blockchain technology will change the way of doing business, we have to face the evolution of modern technologies. Since 2015, with the launch of Ethereum, the global open-source platform for decentralized applications, it is clear that blockchain technology is the game-changer. Individuals and organizations can create digital value and self-operating computer programs with the logic of

The Fitter Family Contest

The nurse squeezes a rubber ball that makes the strap around Raymond’s arm tighten more and more. It really hurts. Raymond pushes his lips together so he won’t complain, because complaining is bad heredity. Mother told him that this morning when he complained about the Brilliantine she put in his hair. The gel still smells awful, like dead flowers and Father’s breath during good-night kiss. Mother is determined to win this Fitter Family contest, which is why she made Raymond wear the hair gel an